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…seductive to the core, she lies patiently awaiting the day to deflower virgins…

Inspired by an extremely unusual beer made with wild strains of brettanomyces yeast that Belgian brewers have used for centuries to make a style of beer called lambic. The brew is called Depuceleuse which, according the Avery Brewing Company (located in Boulder, CO), is a French term for a woman who deflowers men.

VersusA classic still life, which we accustomed to see painted by old masters, does not only decorate the wall, but cuts it through and opens a three-dimensional space of associations.
In this study, you see a classic still life (painted) vs. abstract interpretation captured by a photo camera; elements which are out of focus on the foreground vs. back ground objects being sharp and crisp; traditional rules of composition vs. non traditional setup. And last but not least, three-dimensional layout, which stretches still life depth-wise vs. horizontally.

Bruge-1Bruge-2The Beguines were a religious movement of single or widowed women (where they lived and prayed) who wanted to live in a pious way but outside the walls of a convent or monastery. The last Beguinage nun left in 1927 and since then it has been home to a community of Benedictine nuns. The tranquil courtyard with whitewashed houses dating from the 18th century set around a grassed area.

Decay[de-cay] – decompose, rot, putrefy, spoil. All these words mean to undergo destructive dissolution and break down by chemical change when applied to organic matter. However, in this rendition, in addition to decomposition, an object undergoes dehydration process, which abnormally depletes body fluids of an object. A triptych consists of three panels 12″ x 24″. Other sizes available on request.

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