Balance-1Balance series were influenced by Zen gardens, originating with Buddhist monks centuries ago, combining a balance of natural and architectural elements and a blend of humble, simple design juxtaposed with natural wonders.

These gardens offer tranquility, beauty galore, and balance through the principle of (female) yin and the (male) yang. Every facet of a Zen garden is characterized by one or the other, i.e. water is yin; earth is yang. The epitome of a Zen garden is achieved when yin and yang balance for harmonious feng shui; More harmony is achieved by balancing different colors, sizes, and shapes.

In my rendition of Zen garden, the balance is achieved through contrast of light and dark shapes and juxtaposition of small and large elements – sand and stones. I have captured soft free-flowing sand and heavy-weighted stones functioning as a final touch to achieve a well balanced composition.